Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Out of their hands

"Lehi warms up before the third quarter against Mountain View at Lehi High School, Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010. Lehi won, 56-43."

I hate when I pull up to an assignment and get the feeling that nothing is happening.

This happen last night as I got to Lone Peak High School for a girl's basketball game. The parking lot was empty, I saw no school buses, the doors were locked, and no one was in the gym.

No one really had any idea what was going on. The sports desk was just as confused as me and said to call the reporter. Reporter wasn't to the school yet, was perplexed, and put me on hold while she made a call. Photo editor was in same boat as me, and off for the night, and said she'd call me back.

It was literally out of all of our hands at this point. We just needed to figure out what the art for sports was going to be.

So after shooting pictures of a random kid in the parking lot waiting to be picked up I then got three calls from all that I dialed all telling me the same thing - the game was being played at a different school out of our coverage area.

Plan B - head back south to a different school, Lehi, and shoot that game. Fair enough.

During half time I walked around hoping to find something rather than basketball to catch my eye, but not much did. Then I decided to shoot the second half from the loft the gym had and worked the scene of the team warming up.

Reminds me of those photo composites of basketball games of one player I've seen a couple of friends, photographers do in the past. But in this case, I did it in one frame. Maybe that's why I like it.


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