Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mow the lawn

"A toy lawn mower rests broken in the yard as an Orem-based real estate investors club specialist shows off a home in Springville to a potential investor, Tuesday, Feb.9, 2010."

I went on a real estate assignment and got to look at this crazy house.

It was so odd for many reasons. For one, the toilets were all raised up off the floor. As in you needed to walk up two steps to get it, much like a king's thrown.

Also, in the master bedroom, the jacuzzi like hot tub was surrounded by nothing, except carpet. Not sure whose smart idea it was to put carpet in a bathroom.

Alas, we walked out back and the yard was a mess. I thought this was funny, because the entire house was a wreck, as if it was done up all wrong. So to see this broken toy in the ugly backyard, I thought, well this isn't going to work for you either.


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