Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two trips, one photo

"Steve Wilson, an Army veteran and member of the Spanish Fork City Veterans Council, takes a moment to recall those on the veterans memorial wall he once remembered, but have since fallen, at the Spanish Fork cemetery, Thursday, Feb.11, 2010. Wilson is securing a week with the traveling Vietnam Memorial replica and it will be in the Spanish Fork cemetery in the Fall. In addition, the cemetery just finished adding a $20,000 extension to their veterans memorial to put more names on it."

I am very punctual. I hate being late and will often be early, too early a lot of the time.

The other day I showed up the Spanish Fork cemetery and veterans memorial about 15 minutes before my assignment.

It was bitterly cold, but I thought since it was a portrait I'd setup some lights and play around with ideas.

As time passed, my subject was nowhere to be found. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and waited around.

About 10 minutes past the original assignment time, the reporter showed up. As puzzled as I was, we hopped in his car to warm up. The reporter began to make some phone calls with no avail.

After waiting 45 minutes, we called it quits and both ventured all the way back to the office.

Later in the day, I got a call to head back down. It was a honest mistake that the subject had lost track of time and the day, but we still needed a portrait for the section front.

So to keep things brief, I knocked out two quick portraits in a matter of 10 minutes, half of which was spent talking with my subject.

I was sure my safe photo would run dominant, but I was wrong and happy to see my above photo big in print and online.


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