Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Love or leave it

"Eyeing up branches that need to be trimmed, Genaldio Rodriguez prunes cherry trees at 200 S and 1050 E in Pleasant Grove, Friday, Feb.26, 2010."

Love it or hate it, we all do it - we all shoot silhouettes.

To me, if the light lends itself to one, I'll shoot it to either get it out of my system, see if it works or just open my mind creatively.

With that, it seems as if the light was always lending itself to them last month. So what did I do? I shot them.

While I may not always turn them in, I have been throwing them into the system. Not as my top frame, but at the end of my edit, in case an editor wants something artsy.

And of late, maybe one has run in print. All the rest, typically online.

So when I was out searching for a standalone the other day, and stumbled across this tree pruner, I forced myself not to shoot a silhouette - but I did anyways.

I couldn't pass up the cool tress and thought if anything, this standing alone on the page would be nice eye candy.

And while I was forced to turn in other frames, it still ran in the paper.

But I finally got called out: "No silhouettes for three weeks."


Blogger mattrothphoto said...

I've been on a reflection kick, recently. I really wanna learn a new gimmick. -- something I've never tried before. I've got the sunflare, silhouette, reflection stuff down pat. I could always work a little harder at my panning skills, though.

Friday, March 12, 2010 1:43:00 AM  

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