Thursday, March 11, 2010

One hand climb

"Ryan Johnson, of Salem, looks for a new hold as he climbs a wall at the Quarry Indoor Climbing Center in Provo, on Tuesday. “We come down here every day during lunch since we both work in Orem,” said Chad Hall, of Springville, who was spotting Johnson. The Quarry is open every day, except Sundays, when it is only open for members. Although warmer temperatures have begun to hit the valley, the Quarry offers an alternative to outdoor climbing during winter months."

Sore. No, not them from climbing.

Me. From separating my shoulder.

No, not from me climbing.

The night before work, I was crushed (read: cheap shot) during my indoor soccer game and was in death-like pain throughout the night. In the morning I knew something was wrong, so decided to go to the ER.

However, I couldn't get out of work, so I shot two assignments with one hand. And boy was that fun.

Despite feeling miserable, I thought this was sort of memorizing, and well, not to shabby for being in pain and shooting with one arm, hand.


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