Saturday, March 06, 2010


"Springville guard Nicole Ramon (center) celebrates with teammates after defeating Timpanogos, 62-49, in the UHSAA 4A women's basketball state championship at Salt Lake Community College, Saturday, Feb.27, 2010. With the win, Springville capped a perfect, 23-0, season by surviving a spirited contest with Timpanogos."

Last weekend I sat baseline as I covered back-to-back women's high school basketball championships.

Not much to write home about, despite having some great arena lighting and a little balcony to make for some nice overhead frames.

However, the action in both games was lackluster, or maybe I just didn't put myself in the right places at the correct times? Alas, I didn't walk away smiling.

I was frustrated, possibly because I love and couldn't stop thinking, not only my jube shot from last season in Maryland, but the story that went behind it, too.

Anyways, I liked the above more than the more literal frame that ended up on A1. In addition, I liked it a hell of a lot more then the "trophy shot" (that the sports desk loves to remind me countless times to get every championship game) that landed on the sports front page.

Hopefully I will be able to focus on nailing the real emotion (win or loss) instead of worrying about a phony-emotioned "trophy shot" as I head up to Ogden to shoot the conclusion on the men's season today.

God speed.


Blogger Double D said...

If I could have seen the girl's eyes in that picture I would have taken it in a heartbeat! Just let me know which shots you like best and I'll take that into consideration.


Sunday, March 07, 2010 12:30:00 AM  
Blogger Patrick Smith said...

But it still ran, and way bigger than the other two! Win for all!

Sunday, March 07, 2010 12:46:00 AM  
Blogger Double D said...

Shows you how much we liked it ... just not as the front. We did the same type of thing tonight. We LOVED the hug shots, but not as the centers ... Still in color, just inside.


Sunday, March 07, 2010 1:33:00 AM  

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