Friday, April 23, 2010

Almost out

"TCU looks on during the fifth-inning against BYU at Miller Field on the campus of BYU, Saturday, April 17, 2010. TCU would rally late to upset BYU, 6-5."

There is a downside to working with a small tiny staff of photographers - working sick.

Our ship is run tight as is. It's even tighter that on Saturdays because there is nearly no one in the office aside from the copy desk and two photographers.

And I guess you could say it's extremely tight on Sunday because no one works ever, anywhere, on Sunday in the state of Utah.

Caveat: I know the reason why that is, but don't ask me why it is. It's hard enough finding a meal on Sunday!

So last Saturday when I woke up feeling a bit odd, calling out was not really an option. Leaving the other photog (read: the new intern) with six assignments probably isn't fair to anyone.

I always said I'd never call out unless I am yacking, and now that I am thinking about it, I don't think I've ever called out sick before. But I was in a bad place Saturday.

Rolling out of bed I felt a tight throat. Almost hard to breathe. After rushing to the fridge for a cold drink I then found myself in shock looking into the mirror.

I had an allergic reaction.

It was so bad that my eyes were nearly swollen shut, my face looked like I took a couple fists to the cheeks and nose, I had huge rash on the back of neck, along with multiple, itchy blemishes on all parts of my body.

I was miserable. Yet I knew I had to work.

Luckily I was able to get a hold of my doctor who was able to call in a prescription within the hour and also give me some suggestions on how to fight the reaction.

While it took two days (my weekend) to clear me to clean state of health, working on Saturday was tough.

Shooting outside all day in the heat, itching like crazy, hardly being able to see, and did I already mention itching profusely, was not my idea of fun.

But I go though it with some pictures I liked. Somehow. Someway.


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