Sunday, April 11, 2010


"BYU's Aaron Powell hits the sand hard as he competes in the long jump during the BYU Cougar Invitational Track Meet, at BYU, Friday, April 2, 2010."

I was told I could start my shift early in order to give me more time to shoot, but I didn't listen.

Instead of taking my time shooting the BYU Cougar Invitational Track Meet...I rushed.

Motor-driving everything, I speed through the assignment because I had to get down to Springville to help Mark with a series of portraits.

I had been helping ghost write and assist during the shoots. In this case, we were photographing "Wonder Woman" at Springville High School.

Not sure how I feel about the above, but I feel torn. Mark needed help, I had been helping him with this series of portraits, but at the same time I was only at the track meet for maybe an hour and know I could have gotten much better.

Maybe there will be another track meet sometime soon where I can camp for a bit.


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