Sunday, April 18, 2010

Superman outtake

"Kyle "Superman" Collinsworth, of Provo, stands for a portrait at Provo High School Thursday, April 1, 2010. Provo's all-around star was named 2010 Player of the Year."

I mentioned a week or so ago, but I helped ghost write and assist Mark in some sportraits. He did all of the all shooting, as I assisted and gave him input along the way.

You can see them here.

I think they got better as we went along, well, the subjects got more willing and were more open.

Our first subject wouldn't open up for us. The next guy was willing to do anything, but was a bit quite. And our last subject was nothing but smiles and extremely cooperative.

Anyways, on the second shoot, I was trying to test some lighting modification when our subject moved oh-so-slightly off my back light.

This accidental frame was a James Bond-esk appearance that happened in result.


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