Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wrong side of the field

"The United States national team celebrates its go-ahead goal against Mexico by doing snow angels during the second half of a friendly match at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy Utah, Wednesday, March 31, 2010. U.S. won, 1-0."

I lost some sleep over this (above) great moment, celebration happened on the opposite side of the field.
I shot the entire second half from an elevated position hoping, waiting, wishing for a unique jubilation following a goal.

I knew I probably wouldn't shoot another soccer game in the snow for a long time and knew that if either team scored, the snow would be a major factor.

Well, at the 60th minute, U.S. put one away. But they ran to the far end of the field and did snow angels. I shot away, but I knew had the celebration been on the west side of the field, and not the east, I would have had an amazing image.

Nothing I can do to change that now, but wow, what an awesome moment that could have been even more amazing had I been in the right place or it was in front of my position.


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