Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bouncing around

"Enjoying the weather after school, Lucia Huntman, 5, bounces around on the trampoline on 600 East in Payson, Monday, May 3, 2010. Following multiple days of rain, the Utah valley weather cleared and warmed up on Monday. Temperatures will slowly dwindle as the week progresses going from the upper 60s to mid 50s by the weekend while staying dry."

I do a lot of feature hunting. While it's about half and half whether or not I'll have something lined up already by my editor, searching on my own can be sometimes be frustrating.

I am not afraid to admit that either. Especially in what is ranked the "most un-fun city" in the United States.

Most of the time I feel as if there are a ton of things going on when I am not driving all around the county. And when I do need to find something, there is nothing happening. That's life.

With that, there are certain things I never shoot because I've shot them mind-numbingly too many times. The list includes: fishermen, bicyclist and joggers. That's not to say if I am desperate I won't, especially if it's very, very graphic or different.

Kids jumping on trampolines is on my "do not shoot if I don't have to" list, too. However, after driving around for over an hour, checking back in at the office, toning my first assignment, I was stumped. I wasn't sure what to do.

I was given a subject by my editor, but I knew I didn't want to waste time shooting him when he in turn could be a future story.

Luckily, as I headed south to his house I discovered two little girls having fun. Got permission from their mother and began shooting.

It's no ground breaking image, but I liked this one for the puzzling aspect.

I am drawn to it more because it makes the reader ask questions rather than smack them in the face literally with content. Thoughts?


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