Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"American Fork's Jeremy Reynolds consoles his teammate, pitcher Aaron Hill (22) as he crouches dejected after hitting a batter which brought in the game-winning run for Skyline in the bottom of the seventh-inning during second-round of the 5A UHSAA Baseball Championships at Brent Brown Ballpark, Monday, May 17, 2010. Hill hit three batters in the inning, and American Fork was eliminated from the tournament, 1-0."

If you haven't noticed already, I have been shooting baseball almost daily for the past month.

From regular season to the playoffs - college to high school.

Yet I didn't get to cover either of the championships game because of my shift. Working weekday nights.

I cannot think of a good enough analogy, but it sucked. A lot of hard work for nothing. But I guess I couldn't help that with the way my schedule was setup this month.

So this game was the closest thing I got to a great game and good dejection, jubilation.

It was a an awesome game. Mixed-emotions on both sides of the ball, back and forth like a see-saw, all the way until the last inning.

After hitting two batters in the bottom of the seventh-inning, the bases were loaded for Skyline. But things got worse really quick, when the American Fork pitcher lost control of yet another pitch.

The ball beaned the batter and brought in a run for Skyline to advance.



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