Friday, May 21, 2010

No ball, no roster

"BYU forward Brady Marshall (21) takes a kick to the head from an U21 Mexican National Team defender during the first half at The Stadium at South Field on the campus of BYU, Wednesday, May 12, 2010. The game resulted in a 2-2 tie."

One would think that such a highly publicized match between the BYU men's soccer team and the U21 Mexican National Team there would be rosters.

Guess again.

Not only did BYU not supply rosters to media (or to the fans) for the U21 Mexican National Team, but there is nothing online for the team either. Fantastic.

Despite the lack of names, the game was fairly entertaining.

BYU took an early lead in which they acted like they just won the World Cup as they taunted fans by shaking their jersey and piling up in front of the crowd.

With the emotion and action running high, I made some good frames during the match.

It's just too bad I miscalculated the above. My frames per second and timing wasn't quick enough to capture the ball in this frame.

Or maybe I was just too tight. Oops!


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