Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Performing the splits

"Jane Petty, 93, of Jean's Golden Girls ends their dance routine with a split during the second night of Hope of America at the Marriott Center on the campus of BYU, Wednesday, May 5, 2010. At 93-years-old Petty is the oldest member of Jean's Golden Girls. At the end of each performance she does a dance solo finishing in the splits. "It's just a novelty to see someone as old as I am out there," Petty insists."

Last year my editor did a story on this corky, fun dance team.

The squad goes as "Jean's Golden Girls" and is a group of more than 100 women between the ages of 50 and 93-years-old. You can read her story here.

I only heard about them through her story, yet since being in Utah never seen them in person.

Well, the other night as I began walking out the door of Hope of America I heard the PA announce them. I had to see them perform in person. So I ran to the balcony to see the site.

The crowd was on their feet, smiling and cheering. Have to be honest, so was I.

Then at the conclusion of the dance Jane Petty, 93-years-young as they said, did a dance solo finishing in the splits. Truly hilarious, inspiring and awesome all at the same time.

I hope to live to 93 and still be able to move like her. Got to love it!


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