Saturday, July 31, 2010


"A young boy attempts to find his location after clearing his goggles in the foam at Foam Day in Lehi, Saturday, July 24, 2010. In its second year, Foam Day is a new annual event where firefighters create a field full of nontoxic foam for families to play in."

I worked the holiday last weekend.

What holiday? I had the same question.

Apparently the state of Utah shuts down for "Pioneer Day." You can read a "factual" Wiki entry about it here.

Between my two assignments, which were Pioneer Day related, I had about five hours to burn.

I heard about this Foam Day event in Lehi (the one Lance Booth, our former intern, shot last year), so I figured I’d take initiative and venture over to make some more art for the paper.

Well, for about 24-hours I smelled of soap, my eyes were red and burning.

Not to mention, I am surprised my phone still works, my wallet took a day to dry out, I ruined a perfectly good note pad, my shoes, socks and clothes were drenched (and soapy), and on top of that, had no idea what I was shooting (or seeing out of my own eyes for that matter).

But I had a blast.


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