Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From a cowboy's hands

"Jeff Wolf of Benjamin is a sculptor of his life's experiences, actual memorials and moments captured in time, viewed and experienced through his own eyes. "I have these dreams, and these dreams will keep reoccurring until they're so vivid in my head, that when I finally can't take it anymore, I just start creating," Wolf said. "It's like my hands are just tools, I am not doing anything, it's just coming to life on its own through my hands.""

There is something about cowboys that gets my attention from the second I see them. So it's no wonder that I've been doing a lot of stories in South Utah County recently.

My last subject was Jeff Wolf; sculptor and buckaroo.

The minute I met Wolf I was intimidated. There was no escaping that he was anything but a western prodigy. Born and raised in the Western desert of Utah, he spent most of his days on horse back and riding bulls.

If that wasn't enough, his artwork was down right breath taking. At this point, I wasn't sure I'd be able to stick my 24mm in his face with all these overwhelming characteristics.

Little did I know we'd connect very, very quickly.

Instead of shooting pictures my first day, we sat down to get to know one another during an interview. After he began talking of his life experiences, I literally pinched myself a few times.

The way he described his methods of creating art and his personal thought processes, I thought I was dreaming.

Why? Because he was speaking aloud many ideas and same thoughts I have about myself and my photographs.

From wanting each piece he creates to be the best, art being valleys and peaks and, wanting to learn other things as well as his craft, the visions he has for new pieces, and more.

I could could go on, and on how much we thought alike on many different fronts. I was just glad to hear that other artists think equivalently.

Simply put, he was an inspiration.


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