Thursday, August 19, 2010


"Easton Franz, 3, of Santaquin, patiently waits for the Santaquin Orchard Children's Parade to begin in Santaquin, Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010. Participants up to 12-years-old decorated their bikes, tricycles and wagons as they paraded down to the local park. Hundreds of kids showed up and many fun awards were given out. "The best part is getting people in the community out to ride their bikes and decorate them," council member Filip Askerlund said. "We tell the kids it's a parade every year, and it always turns into a race."

I work at a community paper. Despite the size of Utah County, our coverage area is relatively small.

Often I run into the same people, same families and I would presume a lot of folks know who I work for when they see me due to our small photo staff.

With that, there isn't much hard-hitting news out here.

In a way Utah County reminds me of Japan. In Japan, you are taught to respect your family and never bring them embarrassment. What I am essentially saying is - it's safe.

Why it may not be true, I believe the concept is the same here in Utah, but with the focus on not demoralizing the religion.

Don't color me ugly, there is nothing wrong with living in a safe community, it just can be at times a bit of a bore with no "real" crime or news. I grew up in Baltimore. I like chasing news. I like corrupt politics. I like big time sports. I like things fast.

And I see all that in friend's photos. I look their images from major metros and I am jealous. Their photos have deep meaning and tears, they're from in-depth stories, groundbreaking issues, and other fast paced news. And again, I am not saying it's not out here, it is, just not in bulks.

But I don't let that bring me down. I still have a job to do and I do it with passion.

And while it may not include sadness over a death, a slaying in the city or high crime, I've learned out to seek out photos that still tell the small stories, the lighter side of things and the moments that matter to those that live here - And I do it with pride.

I love this job - big or small - exciting or not - because in the end, it's all about telling the story truthfully, honestly and visually.


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