Saturday, August 21, 2010

The curse lives on

"Timpview's Ulysses Bradfield (13) tries to focus before the season opening game against Pleasant Grove at Pleasant Grove High School, Friday, Aug. 20, 2010. Timpview, the 2009 defending state champions, defeated Pleasant Grove, 24-7."

Last year, Trent discovered a Utah high school football curse: Deny a photographer access to the locker room and you just might lose tonight's game.

Well, it looks like Timpview learned their lesson from last year.

I was granted access to the locker room, or in this case, the grassy knoll outside of the locker room, by all around good guy and coach, Louis Wong.

And well, they started the season off right - they won.

Now only if I started off right it would have been a great night. I was killing it from the minute I showed up. The light was great. The access was granted. The weather was perfect. Then my great mood and shooting went to, well, shit.

Decided I had more than enough after the first half and went to my car to transmit. But as I dumped my cards - one is corrupt. First time in my life its ever happen.

I then realized I have no roster because I shot the roster on the corrupt card. So I run back in and they are out of rosters.

Well, I didn't have my phone, so I shoot them on a friend's iPhone and e-mailed them to myself.

Then I tone my photos. Deadline is close. Time to caption. I can barely read small roster print from the iPhone pictures. But I got it done. Correctly.

If that wasn't enough, the FTP was down, so I start e-mailing to the copy desk and sports; and it's super slow. I start freaking out. I am responsible for A1 and sports front.

I call the desk to see if they have them. Surprise. No internet at office. So I have to drive the opposite way of home and back to Provo.

If that wasn't enough, my card won't dump on sports desk. Try again. It works. I let out a large, but deserved, sigh of relief. Then I hit traffic...twice.

But I made it home. Alive and still sane. I had a good shoot. Now if I can only uncorrupt (is that a word) my one memory card.

Welcome to football season!


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I love the feeling this picture conveys!!

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