Friday, September 03, 2010


"Queen of the Miss Utah County pageant, Laurin Burton sits atop the Skiba Auto Repair demolition derby car prior to the opening of the third annual 2010 Utah County Fair demolition derby, Saturday, Aug. 21, 2010."

Last month I heard about a demolition derby at the county fair. I knew I had to find someone involved for my Monday Close Up.

However, it was almost impossible to get in touch with the organizers. I literally called for days and night, voicemails and e-mails, with no response.

I contacted a bunch of other organizers from the fair, who still couldn't find me any local drivers in the Saturday event. So I moved onto another story.

Last minute I got a call from a lady who knew of a local team - All Tune Automotive - from Spanish Fork.

In my mind I wanted to hang with a driver or team before they even got the car. Show the transformation of a $400 junker into a $5000 soon to be again junker.

But since I was out of time, I only got to see the final preparations and document actual event.

Unfortunately, by the time my subject crashed and banged with other drivers, the nice light was gone and he was eliminated very, very fast. He got a chance to get to the finals in another heat, yet again was knocked-out of the competition quickly.

I wasn't happy with the circumstances, but I still had fun. The above is a mix of images I shot during the night. Most didn't make the story because they weren't of my team.


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