Sunday, October 31, 2010


"A horse stands in a snowy forest in Lancaster, Pa., Feb. 3, 2009."

In regards to my back injury that has left me sidelined for two months, I am not quite 100 percent yet, but I am starting physical therapy this week in Baltimore before heading back to Utah to return to work.

Best news I've had in weeks. It has been a miserable two months and I cannot wait to get back to shooting and doing more than laying on a couch watching movies and being annoyed by my parent's banter.

I heard it has been snowy, cold and some people have already gotten some turns in back in Utah. It sucks I probably won't be doing anything too physical like playing soccer, skiing or even biking right away. But I am sure I can revel in enjoying some cold beverages with friend.

Can't wait to see everyone and get back to work - a month and a half to work my ass off in 2010.


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