Saturday, November 20, 2010


"BYU guard Jimmer Fredette stands for a portrait at the Provo Daily Herald studio, Friday, Nov.19, 2010."

I got the opportunity to shoot BYU basketball superstar Jimmer Fredette on Friday.

The idea for the photo, which I probably shouldn't talk about, was to simply shoot picture of him in a white home jersey against a white background. I tried to sneak in some more creative images that could later be used for previews and such in paper, but that proved to be difficult.

Not only did I have time constraints issues, but I felt as if my creatively was stifled as half of the company watched and talked to Fredette as I worked in the studio. Not to mention, they all knew the plan, so whenever I tried to break free of it, someone raised question. But I did get some frames I liked before video got a chance to do their thing.

I'm sure my better photos of Fredette will come when he is on the court. Good luck this season, Jimmer.


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