Monday, January 31, 2011

Recovery road

"Glen Larsen, 86, waits for his son Rex (not pictured) to unclog the hay mower-conditioner he was operating in Leland, Thursday, June 17, 2010. Larsen was born into a farming family and has been farming on the same land since his youth."

I am still here. I am still around. I am still blogging.

In case you missed my last post about the changes in my life in 2011, be sure to catch up with the news here.

I thought I'd start to update here with some pictures from 2010 that may have been hidden until now.

As for my health, I am recovering, progressing day by day. Last week I began physical therapy and I am looking forward to strengthening my body again. I certainly miss being active and running around.

To everyone reading, thanks again for the continued support. I'll be blogging more and more in coming weeks. And I hope to get my Nikons back in my hand, rather than my iPhone.


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