Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little moment

"Lori Stephen lifts her son, Theo, from a small pool on a hot evening in Whiteford, Md., Saturday, June 11, 2011."

This past weekend, I spent the day hanging out with K, her sister Lori, and her son, Theo.

We roamed around downtown, drove in the car, went to the store, and ended up at their parent's home in Whiteford.

By now Lori and everyone else in the family is used to my continual documentation of their lives when I am around. So snapping frames of Theo in the baby pool was simply normal them.

I kept shooting tight photos of them, and everyone else, around the baby pool when I decided to move back for a few frames.

Stepping away yielded this little gem which I think is a great moment. This is totally a type of feature I hoped and prayed to find on the daily feature hunt when in Utah.

It's not often I give someone print, but I had to give Lori one of this the next day. She thanked me and maybe one day Theo will thank me, too.