Monday, June 20, 2011

National miss

"Outfielder Roger Bernadina #2 of the Washington Nationals attempts to pull in a diving catch, but missed, against the Baltimore Orioles in the second inning at Nationals Park on June 19, 2011 in Washington, DC."

Another day - another game at Nationals Park.

Things seemed to flow a bit smoother on Sunday since I knew my way around the stadium. Action also seemed a bit more exciting, too.

Within the first three innings, I had more action than I did during the game on Saturday. But that's how it goes in baseball. Some games are a total snooze fest, while others are much more action packed.

Only difference was that the light wasn't as nice in my opinion. Although some beg to differ, as the overcast skies and sprinkles of rain delighted others.

Was hoping the Nationals would keep their winning-streak alive. Alas, the Orioles came out on top, 7-4, ending any hope of setting a new winning streak.

I have a break between the action, so hopefully getting some more pictures up in the meantime.


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