Tuesday, August 23, 2011


"Starting pitcher Ross Detwiler #48 of the Washington Nationals warms up before taking on the Arizona Diamondbacks at Nationals Park on August 22, 2011 in Washington, DC."

Sometimes you hit a homer, other nights, you struggle to get on base. Most of the time, you feel like you're in the right. Your mind tells you to use a certain lens and anticipate the action from the unquestionably perfect spot.

But there are other times where your brain, even with the help of luck, cannot predict the output of the game. Not sure if that was the case last night or that there just wasn't much happening.

The game started slow. Everyone next to me seemed to be in the same situation, as no telling pictures had been made early in the game.

Working a game alone has its risks, too. Deciding when to go into the media lounge to transmit a couple pictures is one of them. Most times, you can file a couple pictures and resume shooting without anything major happening. Last night, I was filing for all of five minutes when the main play of the game, a multiple run homer, occurred.

It certainly was the peak of the game, as when I returned to shooting, things were again lackluster.

It's the way of the game. You hope the next game is better than the last visually speaking - whether you had a great game shooting or not.


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