Monday, October 24, 2011

Blood sport

"Zombies try to remove runners flags during the Run For Your Lives 5K in Darlington, Md., Saturday, Oct., 22, 2011."

I'm no Sol Neelman, and this was one of the first weird sports I've ever photographed, but had a blast covering the The Run For Your Lives 5K - a running race where racers dodged hoards of zombies along the way.

Sol came to Baltimore for the event, so I figured, if he was coming across the country for it, that it must be fun. With that in mind, I asked one of my local media outlets if they'd be interested in photos. Being an awesome client, they already had the assignment in their system and gratefully assigned it to me.

Despite getting up before the sun, traffic issues, getting there hours early, and finding quite impossible to track down people for names - it was amazing. I never did get to meet up with Sol since I had another assignment following the race (and was covered in mud head-to-toe and needed a shower in-between), but it was a well executed event.

I tried to have as much fun shooting this weird sport as people were racing. I smiled the entire morning, even wished I was racing myself, but had trouble doing my thing. Things were cluttered and the light was pretty bad, especially for sun rise.

Maybe I'm over thinking what I shot. It is what it is and had a good morning. Excited to see what the master of weird sports came out with and upset we never got to meet up during the shoot, although we did get to share a beer the night before.

Weird sports for life.


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