Monday, October 31, 2011


"Mike Burn of Baltimore, Md., takes a break outside a bar as other Halloween revelers navigate between drinking establishments in Fells Point in Baltimore, Md., Saturday Oct. 29, 2011."

Was assigned to shoot the debauchery that is Halloween in Baltimore on Saturday night.

Luckily the odd October snowstorm and bitter-cold winds didn't stop revelers from doing what they do best when alcohol and costumes are combined.

At first, I was worried when I got out of my car at Fells Point. Bar-hoppers were easily outnumbered ninety-nine to one by Baltimore City police officers. But that quickly changed.

Why I ended up finding some rather funny, and some, well, unpublishable moments for most publications, I did have a lot of fun braving the cold while searching for moments on this assignment.

I tried to shoot the assignment as if I was shooting street photos, but I guess I stand out to those consuming alcohol. I had a lot of moments ruined by the phrase every photographer hates, "Hey, camera dude, take my picture."

Nonetheless, I still found some story-telling images, and on my way to my car, I stumbled across this scene. Couldn't resist the colors, textures and light.

Happy Halloween.


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