Friday, November 04, 2011

Color flash

"While in costume, Baltimoreans march lighted crafts during the Great Big Halloween Parade of Light & Luminaria at Patterson Park in Baltimore, Md., Sunday Oct. 30, 2011."

Always fun to cover an event you've heard about year after year, yet never attended.

That was the case with the great Big Halloween Parade at Patterson Park in Baltimore. I got a call from an editor to cover the event and was hyped that I'd finally have a reason to go witness the fun.

I am not one to use a flash on assignment - I'll stalk and milk ambient light for all it's worth. In addition, with higher ISO capabilities nowadays, even in darkness, files look marvelous.

So I am not sure what got into me. Maybe the need to change my routine and my seeing for the night. Whatever the case was, I broke out the small speed like and off-camera flash cord and blinded every I walked by.

While this image doesn't necessarily show the Halloween aspect of the event, it's fun to look at. And I look at holidays that way anyway. Not colorful, but once they're over...they're over.

Time to move on.


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