Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crime stopper

"Aquille Carr of Patterson High School poses for a portrait in the Belair-Edison neighborhood of East Baltimore, Md., Sunday, Oct. 9, 2011."

Last month I got a call from GQ shoot Aquille Carr.

The name at first meant nothing to me. So I had to ask the question, "Who is he?"

According to superstar writer Corban Goble, "Tiny Aquille Carr is one the brightest young hoops prospects in the country, and admired by some of the NBA's brightest stars. But can he keep it together before hitting the big time?"

I met up with Aquille in his East Baltimore neighborhood and setup shop on a court where the locals play ball. Luckily I had some awesome subjects that let me test my lights on them; time and time again. Even sent them some hard copies to their school for being so helpful (I hope they got them).

Once Aquille arrived, it was a bit of a circus. Everyone wanted to take him on and everyone wanted to see him. It was tough for my assistants keeping people out of the background of my photo, so props to them on that.

We shot a couple different setups. But that didn't stop Aquille from being one of the most down to earth, charming athletes I've met in a long time. The kid has an amazing smile and went to great lengths to make the shoot go well. He is super-talented and I wish him the best.

You can learn more about him and read the article online here.


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