Monday, December 19, 2011

Best of 2011 | Features, Portraits and News

"Hikers ascend and descend a snowy, yet warm Logan Pass at Glacier National Park in West Glacier, Mont., Sunday, July 31, 2011."

This year was very lopsided - sports were the king of my editorial assignments. Most of my time shooting features, portraits and news were personal. And most of those were venturing out on my own as I strengthened back up.

Two of my favorite stories that I worked was the Penn State Scandal and my personal visual diary of the boardwalk. Both were a challenge, a lot of hard work, yet a lot of fun after the fact.

Other than that, did a little traveling as perusal, found myself wondering local streets more and meeting those in the community I'd have never met before.

Overall, this was a great year. It certainly was transitional year as I went from being a staffer back to a freelancer. And to echo my last comments, I'm super eager and looking forward to a full-year of health, happiness and shooting in 2012.


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