Monday, March 26, 2012

Front-runner, back-peeker

"A supporter peeks from behind a curtain as Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (not pictured) addresses supporters as he campaigns during a town hall forum at the American Legion Post 109 on March 21, 2012 in Arbutus, Maryland. After winning Illinois on March 20, Romney hopes to continue to pull away from his closest rival, Rick Santorum, and other front-runners for the GOP nomination."

On the second day in a row of political coverage on the campaign trail for Getty Images I was a bit closer to home and covering current front-runner for the GOP nomination, Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov., Mitt Romney.

Right off the bat the two candidates events were much different.

To start, this Romney town hall forum was not an election night like Santorum and his own the day before. I knew it would be low key in comparison to that.

Second, access was much more relaxed with Romney. There was no security sweep. There were no large buffers or places the press couldn't stand. Even at times when I'd eye up a spot and think, "Not going to happen" I'd get a confirmation wave by those in charge to go ahead and try out the area.

Yet it was still a challenge trying to find something different. At one time I even decided to break out my long glass and work a couple frames in with it.

For some reason, I was very attracted to Secret Security and curtains the last two days. There is something strangely interesting about them. Not the curtains so much, but the security. What I know of them is what I see on television and that probably doesn't hold much true.

So when they're peeking behind curtains or discretely talking into their hand, I want to understand more. Yet, all I capture is a serendipitous moment of a well-dressed guard doing something probably no one cares about.

Alas, I kept my eyes on curtains when my eye wandered from the main subject. From the security peeking behind stage to supporters catching a glimpse from the hidden masses, they all made me smile.

I've hit my curtain photo quota for the year, but this above frame was too funny not to share.


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