Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fancy Clancy

"Baltimore Orioles vendor, Clarence “Fancy Clancy” Haskett, leans over a railing backwards as he serves a beer to a customer as the Orioles play the Toronto Blue Jays during their MLB American League baseball game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland on April 24, 2012."

What can I say, anyone would stop in their tracks to watch someone get served a beer like that.

I was shooting from the main concourse during an Orioles game the other night and caught this beer vendor literally bending over backwards to serve a beer.

Honestly, it made me smile, but I didn't think much of it after the fact. I even opted out of getting his name because I thought I'd never transmit the frame.

Fast forward to the end of the game. I showed a friend, AP shooter and he told me to move it anyways. I couldn't help but to agree. Such a great moment.

Little did I know, the next morning I found out he is quite the Baltimore celebrity at ball games. Clarence “Fancy Clancy” Haskett has sold beer and entertained fans for more than three decades at Orioles home games. That's an impressive homestand.

The ironic thing of it all is, I've seen him every game I've ever shot for work or attended as a fan, but never realized his celebrity.

Left the image a little wide for this post, as I thought it gave it a little more context. Although the wider frame, I think shows more of the railing. Despite my stance, I was told, and keep debating, a tighter crop. Thoughts?

If anything, this is a nice slice of Baltimore history. Keep smiling and making others do so too, Clancy.


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