Sunday, July 01, 2012

Perfect, once

"Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim starting pitcher Jered Weaver #36 has a quiet moment before playing the Baltimore Orioles during their MLB American League baseball game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland, June 27, 2012."

My June was anything but quiet. On the road most of the month, it was nice to finish out the last week in the photo wells at Camden Yards shooting some more baseball.

Always inspired by quiet moments in sports, I couldn't help myself with this frame of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim starting pitcher Jered Weaver.

It's funny. Not the frame, but my taste in photojournalism changes a lot. I know a lot of photographers work, more than I care to admit, sometimes I cannot stand their work, a week later I think it's the greatest inspiration. Not sure why. But I'm easily inspired by all photographers - famous or not.

Of recent, I've been really into the work of sports photography icon Walter Iooss - probably for the one-hundredth time. Maybe it's his vision away from the action in his baseball images, but it always has remembering to look into the dugout and on-deck.

The year is halfway over and its been fun, busy one. Looking forward to finishing out the rest of the year searching for the next quiet moment, loud crashing action, graphic feature, and compelling news image.


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