Friday, September 14, 2012

Look out

"Baltimore Orioles batter Adam Jones #10 loses his bat against the Toronto Blue Jays in the second inning during an MLB American League baseball game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on August 24, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland. Jones went 1-for-3 at bat in the Orioles, 6-4, win."

I've mentioned it before, but rarely do I shoot every single batter and every single pitch during a baseball game.

I'll make a stock image of each player at bat, but unless they're a franchise player, having a great day behind the plate, need the stock, or it's a key moment in the game, I just don't waste the frames unless instructed to do so.

With that, I've missed a share of broken bats and players getting beaned by pitches, only because I was anticipating the play in the field.

Recently, sitting inside the third base photo well, I almost took a shot from a bat for the first time. Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles lost control of his bat and instead of going down the baseline, it went directly over two other photographers and my own heads and into the crowd.

I don't think anyone was injured on the play, but looking through long glass at something like that doesn't give you anytime to react.

Despite losing his bat, the Orioles went on to win the game. I'm now looking forward to possibly getting to cover the team in their first playoffs appearance since 1997.


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