Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Franchise signature

"Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice #27 is introduced before playing the Cleveland Browns in an NFL football game at M&T Bank Stadium on September 27, 2012, in Baltimore, Maryland."

Sticking with the smoke theme here on the blog so it seems.

I've shot similar images of Ray Lewis being introduced before playing opponents at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. But I am usually really tight on him as he fills the frame.

Decided this game to go looser and snap away on the franchise player's signature gesture.

This wasn't a favorite - and fire and smoke never look as good when desaturated. But my cameras have been banding pretty bad at high-iso. So I decided to convert it to help take away from the bright orange horizontal lines in the frame.

It worked, and after taking a second look at it, I decided to post this frame. Still not sure what is drawing me to it.


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