Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Leaping Leach

"Full back Vonta Leach #44 of the Baltimore Ravens leaps over cornerback Morris Claiborne #24 of the Dallas Cowboys before being hit out of bounds in the fourth quarter at M&T Bank Stadium on October 14, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Baltimore Ravens won, 31-29."

Two weeks ago, plagued by injuries and fighting to the final whistle, the Baltimore Ravens held on late in the game to defeat the Dallas Cowboys.

With the win, the Ravens secured their fourth consecutive victory (before losing to the Texans last week) and their home winning streak is the longest current run in the NFL.

As the game progressed, the score became closer and closer. A sea-saw battle, as time ticked away in the fourth quarter, I wasn't quite sure where to position myself. But I was in the right spot as the Cowboys scored a touchdown to cut the Ravens lead by two. I was also in the correct position as they went for a two-point conversion, for the tie, but missed.

Thinking the game was over, I stashed my long glass on the sideline, and waited for the clock to run out. Yet the Cowboys had other ideas. I ran back down the field to get my lens and they then marched down the field and into field goal range - where they missed what would have been the game-winning touchdown.

Sports is all about putting yourself in the right position and anticipating the play, game. It's also about having images that tell the story of the game. This image certainly tells the story as the Ravens somehow dodged the Cowboys almost comeback.

But there is one spot on the field we call the "Ray Rice Zone" because he always marches there as he scores. While I thought this image was more telling of the game, I wasn't about to post another Ray Rice signature pose on here.


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