Monday, February 18, 2013

Sand Meet Snow

"After a light snow blanketed the surrounding area overnight, a passerby and their dog walk down the snow covered beach on February 17, 2013 in Ocean City, Maryland."

This past weekend, I found myself in Ocean City, Md., for some business and pleasure.

To my surprise, the forecast called for a dusting of snow. In all my years traveling to the eastern shore in Maryland, I've never seen snow on the beach.

Late Saturday night, it began blowing, snowing and I realized that I may finally get to see the aforementioned once morning hit. 

I rose early before the sun and hit the beach to witness the magical scenery that is summer nostalgia meeting the reality of winter. Despite it being ice cold, it was worth getting out of bed for.

I knew I probably wouldn't see this again for a long while, so I decided to find a high vantage point in a nearby condo. While much warmer inside, it took some patience waiting for a human element to enter the surreal painting like view.

My waiting paid off, as this passerby walked toward me with their dog, and then a couple minutes later, a single person made their way south on the beach.

By mid-morning, all the snow had melted, but these pictures serve as proof that it does happen.


Blogger Katsno said...

Wow - I already want this print!

Living in snow almost year round, I just love this perspective and the feeling of so many senses

Monday, February 18, 2013 1:20:00 PM  

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