Monday, April 01, 2013

Bird Man

""Mr.Tony" looks to the sky as he holds a handful of his pigeons that his raises and trains on February 9, 2013 in Baltimore, Md."


Last year, while on an unrelated assignment, I met "Mr.Tony."

I was curious about Mr. Tony because his face artistically adorned a wall in his neighborhood. After talking to some of the artists of the art project I was covering, and those from neighborhood, I met the man on the wall.

From the minute I met Mr. Tony, he was open to sharing his life, and his birds, with me. However, after my first introduction and making some pictures, it wouldn't be until 2013 before I saw him again.

Recently, my editor at Baltimore Magazine asked if I wanted to do another visual essay much like my Smith Island piece and I instantly thought of the man with the birds. He is just one of many amazing characters here in Baltimore that we all live amongst - but we don't know much about.

A simple man, Mr. Tony has been raising and training pigeons since a kid and now houses more than 200 birds in a small unassuming shack behind his Station North home. With his eyes always looking to the sky, his birds know where their home is and he lives for their companionship.

Thanks to Mr. Tony for allowing me into his life and allowing me to document his days. Here are some of my favorite images from last year and this past February.


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