Monday, October 21, 2013


"Andre Benoit #61 of the Colorado Avalanche is hit by Brooks Laich #21 of the Washington Capitals in the first period at Verizon Center on October 12, 2013 in Washington, DC. "

Growing up, I was a huge ice hockey fan.

In elementary school I knew every single player on the Chicago Blackhawks roster. In addition, I could spit off just about anyone decent in the NHL. To this day, I still can rattle off that era of players without hesitation.

The best part of all that was that I never once played hockey, nor have I ever. I also never photographed the sport either - until recently.

More than a week ago, for Getty Images, I finally got had the opportunity to shoot a sport I once idolized as a youth and couldn't contain my excitement. The only problem is I have since lost track of most of the players and don't know this new generation of talent as well as I should.

Documenting the sport is challenge for sure, but I love the intimacy and speed of the game. It's a much faster pace lacrosse, a sport I did grow up playing.

I had a lot fun once I shook my nerves and can't wait to better myself during future games. Thanks to everyone who helped me out the first night, too. Much appreciated.


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