Sunday, November 03, 2013


"A golfer hits during play at Alfred Tup Holmes Golf Course on August 29, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia."

Sometimes a photographer needs one thing - and it's not putting the camera down - it's to go out and shoot for themselves.

Documenting sporting events usually means shooting from predetermined spots, capturing every single decisive moment and sending those images on tight deadlines. In short, you need to be alert, ready for anything and have game plan.

Conversely, shooting sports for yourself is a different game. You're not entirely moment driven, can typically shoot from anywhere and can try some things you may not be inclined on doing during an important game.

So as you can imagine, shooting a group of friends playing golf is just as therapeutic as playing the game yourself.

If you want to hammer on the motor-drive during a back-swing - you can. If you want get two feet from your buddy as he chips of out the bunker - no issue. Likewise, if you want to stand in the middle of the fairway to shoot a wide frame - no problem there.

The latter is exactly what was going on in the above frame. I can't lie, it's a candid beautiful moment of a friend as he tries to hit back onto the fairway. I had a lot of fun documenting my buddies play golf and shooting images of them that they'd never be able to have otherwise.

Now only if I can talk them into shooting graphic moments of me playing sports.


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