Monday, December 30, 2013

Best of 2013 | Sports

"Ray Lewis #52 of the Baltimore Ravens looks on during his final home game after defeating the  the Indianapolis Colts during the AFC Wild Card Playoff Game at M&T Bank Stadium on January 6, 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland."


It's that time of the year when photographers look back and reflect on the year.

In 2013, between numerous editors and myself, we transmitted somewhere in the range of 6,000 edited images to a wide range of clients. While all the photographs are meaningful in their own right, combing through these frames brings back the high, lows moments, as well as, favorite images of the year.

Being a freelance photographer either means: lots of variety or lots of repetition. While neither are negative, it's interesting to see what a majority of your work revolves around. Each year is different - some are news heavy - and others are strictly focused on sports.

I am versatile photographer and get contacted by a range of clients year-round. Any typical year, I am shooting: news, sports, features, portraits, and everything in-between.

But in 2013, it was by far one of the heaviest sports years I've ever had. Of the games and events I documented, a large amount of them were of the same teams at the same venues and for the same client: Getty Images.

From the Baltimore Ravens on the field, to the Baltimore Orioles on the diamond, and drivers of NASCAR on the circuit - it was something I wasn't quite used to in terms of repetition since moving back east.

It was a challenge to see these athletes, venues in a different light each and every week that was very beneficial for all involved. It made me think more and it really forced me to think outside of the box.

Once again, I am grateful for my editors, teammates, and both new, and return, clients for trusting me to visually document the world for them. Without them, I couldn't be doing what I love most in this world. Thanks to my fellow photographers and competitors for always being inspirational and sharing good times, too - especially in Baltimore.

I cannot thank all of the aforementioned enough - I'm grateful for every opportunity.

As always, I'm excited and looking forward to another full-year of health, happiness and shooting in 2014 - and wish you all the same.


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