Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pushing Water

"The Washington Nationals grounds crew pushes water off of the rain tarp before the Los Angeles Dodgers play the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park on May 7, 2014 in Washington, DC."

When it comes to sports, most want to see the images of the big play. While I am no different, and also want to see that one incredible picture, I still approach sporting events as a story.

There is a beginning, middle and end to all match-ups. There are pictures that need to be shot and shared from each phase despite one picture being able to tell the entire story sometimes.

However, of all of those sequences, the first part is the most ignored. It's usually a period of time for everyone involved to prepare. But I am always doing my best to find story-telling moments before the time even begins ticking off of the clock.

Recently, before the Washington Nationals played the Los Angeles Dodges, instead of enjoying the rain delay catching up on work on my computer, or simply just enjoying some down time, I decided to work the grounds crew cleaning the tarp.

It isn't an important image at the end of the day, but at that moment, it was needed to tell the current story.


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