Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eyes on the Skin

"Wide receiver Steve Smith #89 of the Baltimore Ravens misses a touchdown pass in front of cornerback Cortez Allen #28 of the Pittsburgh Steelers during second quarter at M&T Bank Stadium on September 11, 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland."

In sports, sometimes it's the plays that go wrong that are the most visually appealing.

Everyone wants to see the game-winning touchdown in football. In soccer, they want to see the bicycle-kick that knotted that game late in the second half. And in motorsports, it's the final victory burnout.

The problem is, while those moments are incredibly important to history, sometimes they aren't always the most aesthetically appealing. It's worth noting that telling moments always trumps visually compelling pictures - it's just getting those two elements together to make the best frame possible.

Other games, it's the botched play that a lot of the time makes a interesting photograph. And while we as photographers celebrate when those odd plays go right in the end, it's sometimes simple, small struggles during the game that make a picture.

Near halftime of the Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the Baltimore Ravens game, Steve Smith of the Baltimore Ravens missed, a what would have been, amazing touchdown catch.

This picture may make others ask questions, and as a photographer, we wish he would have caught the ball to make it more important in the hierarchy of pictures that night.

But even though he missed the catch, it doesn't make it a bad image and we always need to remember that even the mundane, poor play is still meaningful in someway.


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