Monday, September 22, 2014

Maryland Washed Away

"Tight end Andrew Isaacs #44 of the Maryland Terrapins is hit by linebacker Isaiah Bruce #31 of the West Virginia Mountaineers and teammates in the second quarter during an NCAA college football game at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium on September 13, 2014 in College Park, Maryland."


Every level of sport is completely different than the rest - especially with football - and it's easy to notice the difference in level of skill all the way from pee-wee to professional.

College football is a lot of fun - it's very fast paced with lots of emotion. While no sport is easy to predict, college football with the option play, can be a challenge to document alone.

For the past couple years, a majority of the football games I cover are with a teammate. The field is split and it puts the stress level down a notch. While we usually have every play from two angles, the most dynamic images are when they unfold right in front of you, rather than across the field.

So covering college football alone makes one prepare and really pay attention to the game and the plays that are happening so that you can better place yourself on the field for success.

In the pouring down rain, the Maryland Terrapins were beat in the last seconds on a field goal by
the West Virginia Mountaineer. A sea-saw battle, the weather and the high-scoring event made it a lot of fun.


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