Monday, September 28, 2015

Weed Wacker

"Scott Piercy plays a shot on the 16th hole during the Third Round of the BMW Championship at Conway Farms Golf Club on September 19, 2015 in Lake Forest, Illinois."

No one ever wishes bad on anyone. Yet as a sports photographer, when a player is having a bad day, it can translate into interesting pictures.

Whether that's a easy missed goal, a fumble or even bad drive into the rough.

Documenting the BMW Championship at Conway Farms Golf Club was a runaway tournament for Australian golfer Jason Day.

However, during the tournament a couple club swingers did their best to get up and down as they chased his low score.

Late in the third round, Scott Piercy was one of those golfers looking to take over the lead. That was until he landed in the deep, thick rough on the 16th hole.

After finding his ball, he played a great shot to the fairway.

A bad situation turned good for the golfer as well as the photographer.


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