Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hanging On

"Aram Keshgegian #5 of St. Joesph (left) eludes Shane Demsey #2 of Arizona during Day 1 of the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championships at Talen Energy Stadium on June 4, 2016 in Chester, Pennsylvania."

Sometimes in sports it can feel like you're dragging a ton of weight around due to many different variables.

Whether it's weather related such as extreme heat or cold, bad backgrounds at a venue, or other life events unrelated to the game. These things and more can make a regular match feel like a major challenge whereas it might not otherwise.

Much like the image above for the collegiate rugby championships, you have to push on, keep running forward and work hard. By worrying about what might be dragging you down, you'll never be able to succeed visually.

With that said, photographers are often the first to complain about things like weather, yet we should remember this minor nuances are only temporary.

While that may seem difficult at the time - there is nothing worse than constant complaining. Prove not only to yourself that you can overcome the obstacles, but to your team, too.


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