Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stick Versus Hand

"Luke Glendening #41 of the Detroit Red Wings pulls in a loose puck with his hand as he is defended by Andre Burakovsky #65 of the Washington Capitals during the first period at Verizon Center on February 9, 2017 in Washington, DC."

I love taking risks shooting sports and hockey is a classic sport for that.

With limited number of on ice positions for photographers, some of those spots mean only seeing a small percentage of the ice.

As the game goes into the final period, many photographers will leave their holes for a higher vantage so that the can document every play on the ice without missing a single play.

I've always stuck to my original game plan and stayed ice level. It's exciting to know that you'll either have the decisive moment no one else has or be burned. So in all the years documenting ice hockey, I've only shot handheld from an elevated position a few times.

However, the other night I thought I'd start from the 100 level instead of finishing there for a fresh vantage and something different than the competition.

Thankfully there was a lot of scoring and action which helped break me from my normal routine at a game.

Looking forward as the regular season begins to wind down and playoffs rev up.


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