Friday, March 24, 2017

Hold Up

"Travis Konecny #11 of the Philadelphia Flyers and Josh Anderson #34 of the Columbus Blue Jackets push and shove as teammates hold one another during the second period at Wells Fargo Center on March 13, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."

If there is one thing I love about hockey as a sport, it's that everyone on the ice constantly has their teammates back.

Sure in every sport teammates will stand up for their comrades. But always clearly obvious in ice hockey. When two players tempers flare and they start to push and shove, everyone typically gets involved.

Whether they're helping to break it up to cool everyone off or protect their star player - rarely is there a player on the ice not involved.

What will usually happen is what one can see in the above picture. A chain-like grappling of opposing players until the referees are able to break it up - and always a fun picture that illustrates the battle.

Without the comradery of a team - there is no team unity - and making that push toward the post season becomes even more difficult.

Looking forward to the playoffs as everything heats up on the ice.


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