Monday, January 29, 2018


"Beau Allen #94 and Chris Long #56 of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrate with dog masks after defeating the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game at Lincoln Financial Field on January 21, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."

You never know what can happen during a sporting event, unless it happened the week before.

During the NFC Championship, the Philadelphia Eagles rolled over the Minnesota Vikings to reach the Super Bowl.

The aforementioned was totally unknown to everyone.

However, I knew that the Eagles, and more specifically, Chris Long, adorned a dog mask after their divisional playoff win. So I knew to look out for the new trend after the NFC Championship.

After photographing the trophy ceremony, I followed Long as if I was a puppy myself. Little did I know he would be joined by a teammate wearing another 'underdog' mask.

Always fun documenting something like this in sports. Is it a little gloating on their part? Sure. But is it a fun, telling picture. Absolutely.


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