Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Pan Am

"Team Chile competes in the Team Pursuit Women Qualification at the Velodrome of Villa Deportiva Nacional on Day 6 of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games on August 01, 2019 in Lima, Peru."

When you're asked to be a part of the team cover the Lima 2019 Pan American Games the answer is always: Yes.

What you don't know is that your response will be met by winter in the southern hemisphere which produces cloudy overcast days literally every single hour for months.

Thankfully despite only seeing the sun a total of a couple hours in about a month, the games were filled with colorful teams and backdrops. Much like at the veoldrome.

Our small Getty Images team of photographers (and editor) had an amazing games - and I'm proud of the images we all documented.

Looking forward to the big games next year in Tokyo - and if given the opportunity again - the next Pan American Games in four years.


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